Facts About Quail

Quail may be a small bird that inhabits forest region over the planet. There are thought to be quite 15 different species of quail, with each species of quail being found in several parts of the planet and everyone has slightly different appearances counting on how they need to be adapted to their environment.

Although the quail may be a very small-sized bird, the quail belongs to an equivalent family as pheasants. Quails home in size counting on the species from the Japanese quail which is around 10cm tall to the larger mountain partridge which will get older to 25 cm tall.

Quails are generally solitary birds and spend most of their time either on their own or during a pair with only one other quail. During the mating season, it’s common to ascertain large flocks of quails as family groups convoy together in groups of up to 100 quail individuals. Quails don’t tend to migrate and thus spend their lives within an equivalent area.

In some parts of the planet, quails are kept as poultry birds both for the tiny amount of meat that they contain and for the quail’s brightly colored eggs. These tiny colored eggs are seen as a delicacy in some parts of the planet and may often be found on menus in posh restaurants.

When quails reach 2 months old, they’re then ready to mate. Quails tend to breed in additional open areas like farmland and lay their eggs in nests. Quail clutch sizes can vary between one and 12 eggs counting on the species of quail and therefore the baby quail chicks hatch out of their eggs in but a month.

Although quails are omnivorous animals, they have a tendency to possess a primarily vegetarian diet eating seeds, wheat, barley, flowers & fruits but they’re going to also eat insects like worms and grasshoppers. Around 95% of the quail’s diet is assumed to contain plant matter.

The quail has many natural predators, mainly thanks to its small size. Snakes, raccoons, foxes, squirrels, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, dogs, cats, hawks, owls, rats, and weasels are all known to hunt either the quail itself or it’s vulnerable eggs.

Humans are too predators of the quail but tend to eat people who are reared during a commercial manner.

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