Pangolin a key suspect of an outbreak of Coronavirus

How does the coronavirus disease spread?

Many believe that the most trafficked mammal, Pangolin is a suspected animal of the Coronavirus outbreak, but it is still unclear. Many believe that Pangolin might have passed the virus from bats to humans.

Pangolin is an ant-eating mammal listed as the Critically Endangered animal by the IUCN, which is supplied in bulk to Chinese markets for their skin, scales, meat, and their body parts also used in making traditional medicine.

The news came out of the various sources that it might be the Pangolin, who is the intermediate host of the virus, but bats have still thought to be the original host of the virus.

Thoughts that lead to believe that this mammal could be the carrier of this pandemic virus

An initial research in China in February after the first outbreak in Wuhan has affirmed that the deadly virus of COVID 19 has originated from the pangolin.

They are one of the most trafficked animals in the Chinese wet market for its meat and scales, and the first case of the outbreak believed to be associated with the people from these wet markets.

However, there are contrary facts as well. It is also believed by some scientists that it might come out of non-associated people of these markets as there is no correct evidence and scientifically proven theories that pangolin is a mediator of the outbreak. As it is still not proven that the emergence of SARs coronavirus might happen because of this animal.

Although there is something that a Pangolin virus has some sort of relations as of human virus as it can infect human cells.

The more we are disturbing the wildlife; we are becoming more vulnerable to these kinds of dangers. So we should not hamper the wildlife, and disturb them for the benefits of the humankind.

Written by – Manish Sain

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