Facts About Quetzal Quetzals are considered by many of us to be the foremost beautiful bird within the world. They’re medium-sized birds that sleep in the mountainous, tropical forests of Central America. There are six species of the quetzal. They’re most well-known for the extremely striking colors in their plumage, and therefore the very long […]

Facts About Quokka Quokka Anatomy and Appearance The Quokka a small species of Wallaby that features a rounded and compact body. Their hind legs and tail are much shorter as compared to those of the many Wallaby species, but allow the Quokka to hop through the thick vegetation and tall grasses with immense speed. The

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Facts About Quail Quail may be a small bird that inhabits forest region over the planet. There are thought to be quite 15 different species of quail, with each species of quail being found in several parts of the planet and everyone has slightly different appearances counting on how they need to be adapted to

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Facts About Akita Dog History The Akita is a huge breed of dog which arises from the mountainous region of northern Japan. There are two different kinds of Akita: one is a Japanese Strain or a Japanese Akita and it is commonly known as Akita Innu and the other one is an American Strain or an American

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Facts About Aardvark Aardvarks live throughout Africa, south of the Sahara. Their name comes from South Africa’s Afrikaans language and means “earth pig.” Much as the aardvark looks like a pig, mostly with its body and snout. On closer inspection, the aardvark appears to incorporate other animal features also. It has rabbit-like ears and also

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Facts About Ants The ant could also be a small-sized invertebrate that’s found all over the world, except the polar regions including the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. Like many other species of insects, numerous ant species are inhabiting many various environments all around the world. There are quite 12,000 recognized species of ant worldwide, but

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Top 10 Most Extinct Animals Extinction happens when environmental or evolutionary problems. But some extinction is natural. There are many species is extinct in the modern age and are a direct result of human behavior. In the last ten thousand years, humanity’s impact on the environment has caused the extinction of animals. They have been

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Top Most Endangered Animals We often hear or read that some animals become endangered animals. So we need to know who are they, how they become endangered, and who decides this. So in this article, we will find out the answers to all these questions. What do you mean by the endangered animals? Endangered animals

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