Bengal Tiger

bengal tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger

Bengal tiger is also known as The Indian Tiger or The Royal Bengal tiger. It is a subspecies of tiger that found across the Indian subcontinent. It is The National animal of India and Bangladesh.

The royal Bengal tiger has a beautiful yellow and orange coated fur with black stripes on it. Some Bengal tigers are in white. The White Tiger has mutated genes. Every Bengal tiger has a unique stripe pattern.

Their life span is of 10-15 years. The average Male Bengal tiger length range is 9 feet, and the Female Bengal tiger length is 8 feet. Their length tail is between 33 to 43 inches.

The habitat of the Bengal tigers is tropical rainforests, marshes, and grasslands. They are solitary animals. They are the carnivorous predator, and they hunt larger mammals, including cattle, deer, and goats. They are very good swimmers and fast runners.

The gestation period of the female Bengal tiger is of 3 to 4 months. Female Bengal tiger gives birth to 1 to 4 cubs. Female Bengal tiger feeds milk the cubs for about 2 Months. And at the age of five and six months, they are introduced to meat. They start learning hunting at the age of 5 to 6 months. After the 18 months, they start their own solitary life.

Today, they are at the stage of extinction due to deforestation and poaching. Project tiger is one of the initiatives that is taken by the government for the conservation of the Bengal tiger.

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