Armadillos are the barrel-shaped animal that is found mainly in North and South America. But one species also found in the United States. Their body covers with the carapace. The carapace is made up of bony scale structure that is known as scutes. But only some of the species of Armadillos can roll themselves into […]

Facts About Angel Fish All the overworld there are 100 different species of angelfish that live in the water of the southern hemisphere. There are two main kinds of angelfish, those that inhabit the freshwater rivers in South America known as freshwater angelfish and those angelfish that live in the salty ocean waters known as

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The Royal Bengal Tiger Bengal tiger is also known as The Indian Tiger or The Royal Bengal tiger. It is a subspecies of tiger that found across the Indian subcontinent. It is The National animal of India and Bangladesh. The royal Bengal tiger has a beautiful yellow and orange coated fur with black stripes on

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Facts About Quoll The quoll is a medium-sized carnivorous marsupial; its scientific name is Dasyurus, which is native to Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania. The quoll is frequently known as the native cat, because of the cat-like appearance of the quoll. Quolls are found possessing forest, shrubland grassy habitats across Australia, and New Guinea. However

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Facts About Akbash Dog History The Akbash is a huge white breed of Domestic Dogs. This breed is native to Turkey, and it is first used as a livestock guardian dog (LGD). The Akbash may be a watchdog and was originally bred by shepherds around 3,000 years ago to make a white-colored that Dog that

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Facts About Affenpinscher Dog History The Affenpinscher is a notion to be one of the oldest toy dog breeds, emerged in Germany during the 17th century. Even though the Affenpinscher then bigger than the Dog that we know nowadays, it the belief that the forefathers of these Dogs were around much earlier, which actually represents

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Facts About Arctic Fox The arctic fox (Vulpes Lagopus) is a small fox, which is also known as the white fox, snow fox, and polar fox because they have white fur and also they spend most of the time in the bitter cold snow.  The arctic is arising from the Arctic regions of the Northern

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How does the coronavirus disease spread? Many believe that the most trafficked mammal, Pangolin is a suspected animal of the Coronavirus outbreak, but it is still unclear. Many believe that Pangolin might have passed the virus from bats to humans. Pangolin is an ant-eating mammal listed as the Critically Endangered animal by the IUCN, which

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