Armadillos are the barrel-shaped animal that is found mainly in North and South America. But one species also found in the United States. Their body covers with the carapace. The carapace is made up of bony scale structure that is known as scutes. But only some of the species of Armadillos can roll themselves into a ball to protect themselves when threatened.

Armadillos’ sizes vary as some are very small, and others are huge. The length of the smallest one is 15 centimeters, and the length of giant armadillos is 1.5 meters. The smallest armadillos are known as pink fairy armadillo.

Armadillos’ claw is another crucial anatomical feature shared by all species of armadillo. They used their claws for digging burrows. Almost all armadillos dig room for their food, but some like pink fairy armadillos live in their burrows.

Armadillos have poor eye vision, but they have a highly developed sense of smell for hunting. Armadillos are omnivorous means they can eat meat as well as the plant. But the primary diet of the Armadillos is insects.


Armadillos live in pairs, alone, and groups. They spent the daylight in their burrows. They are considered pets in many regions, and their meat is eaten in various parts of South America, and some are used in leprosy research. Armadillos give birth 1 to 12 young ones after the gestation period of two to five months. After birth, young ones can walk within a few hours and feed on mothers’ milk. And within 12 months, pups are ready to have their offspring. Armadillos’ life span is around 12-15 years.

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