Are mermaids real?| Is mermaid really exist or not?

Mermaid is real or it’s a myth.

Do Mermaid really exist or not?

At some point in our life, we fascinate with mermaids, and then the question arises are they real or just a mythological character. In this article, we will look at some facts about mermaids.

Mermaids are the creature with the tail of a fish and head and upper body of a female human. We find out them in many historical stories, and many cultures.

Some Interesting facts about mermaids

1. Man mermaids were called the mermen.

2. Mermen were shyer than mermaids.

3. They were known as water deities in ancient mythologies.

4. Sirens of Guam is one of the most popular mermaid myths of the Pacific.

5. They were mortal and see the future.

6. In some stories, they had known as the cause of the destruction, floods, drowning.

7. Mermaids have been famous in art and literature. You can find the origins in many books, and you also see them in movies.

8. In European folklore, they were natural human beings with some magical power.

9. Mermaids loved music.

10. In some tales shows the evidence of a marriage between mermaids and men.

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But are they exist? No evidence of their existence had found yet.

written by – Monika Sain

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