Amazing Facts about the Quetzal

About Quetzal

  • The quetzal bird that a lot of considering among the world’s most beautiful.
  • During mating season, male quetzals grow twin tail feathers that form a tremendous train up to at least one meter long.
  • Females don’t have long trains, but they are doing share the brilliant blue, green, and red coloring of their mates.
  • Quetzal pairs use their muscular beak to make hole nests in rotted trees or stumps.
  • Young quetzals can fly at about three weeks aged.
  • Quetzals also are referred to as Guatemalan quetzals, and therefore the birds are the symbol of that nation.
  • The bird was sacred to the traditional Maya and Aztec peoples, and royalty and priests wore its feathers during ceremonies.
  • These striking birds are threatened in Guatemala et al. throughout their range. They’re sometimes trapped for captivity or killed, but their primary threat is that the disappearance of their tropical forest homes.

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