Akita Dog

Facts About Akita Dog


The Akita is a huge breed of dog which arises from the mountainous region of northern Japan. There are two different kinds of Akita: one is a Japanese Strain or a Japanese Akita and it is commonly known as Akita Innu and the other one is an American Strain or an American Akita. The Japanese Strain occurs in a small palette of colors, it is considered untypical of the breed, while the American Strain found in all dog colors.


The Akita has a small double-coat of fur; it contains a medium length and a soft undercoat to keep them warm. This double-coat of fur can differ in color, and it is also waterproof which prevents Akita from developing hypothermia.

The Akita has husky and powerful body that is big. They have a massive triangular head with dark, triangular eyes that extremely sets into the dog’s face. The wide and brawny limbs of Akita allow it to move energetically in the condition of hunting and its little webbed paws make it a brilliant swimmer. The special quality of Akita are their little, sharp ears and curved turned up tail which nearly sits on the dog`s back.

Behavior and Temperament

The Akita is hunting and a fighting dog, which is naturally very hostile and commanding dogs. Due to the very fact that the Akita has been historically bred as both a hunting and a fighting Dog, they’re naturally aggressive and really dominant animals. Akitas have changed little or no since they were first produced, with household individuals still having strong hunting instincts today. they’re, therefore, not for the inexperienced owner as they require firm and consistent training with many positive reinforcements. The Akita is additionally known to reply badly to harsh treatment. they’re incredibly intelligent and constant Dogs though and are loving, devoted, and delicate towards their master and family. The Akita is additionally known to be an honest watchdog because it is extremely suspicious of a person or animal that it doesn’t know.


Nowadays, The Akita can be found in different colors and in a lenient temperament than its forefather. These breeds are still working and hunting dogs in their native Japan. They help their masters in catching food and as well as being a growingly popular choice of guard dogs in the west. There are some health problems but, that are related to this breed including hyperthyroid,  hip, and knee problems, which are all common complaints in all larger breeds especially. They generally live between 9 to 15 years and females can give birth to 3-12 puppies at one time.

Interesting Facts and Features About Akita Dog

In the 1930s, the Akita was so precious in Japan because of the increasing fame of non-natives breeds, only rich people are capable to afford one. So, they were declared as the “national treasure” in japan its aim is to conserve the country’s native breeds and it is said that having an Akita in a house represents good strength, blessings, and wealth.

Because of their long, plump-coat of the fur of the Akita’s shed too much twice a year, for about a week at a time, it means that they must be moped every day to restrain their fur from knotting. Perhaps due to their natural hunting nature, homely dogs are mainly known for enjoying taking things in their mouth.

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written by – Riya Sain

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