Ainu Dog (Hokkaido)

About Ainu Dog


The Ainu dog is also known as Hokkaido dog. These breeds of dogs arise from Japan. The Ainu dog is native to the administrative district of Japan. Hokkaido’s name was given by Thomas W. Blakiston in 1869. This breed was very useful to explore the stayer of an army voyage that was seized in heavy snow crossing the Hakkoda Mountains of Aomori in 1902. This is noticed that the traits of Ainu dog have to transform little over years because of cross-breeding, it is said that this breed still has a “streak of wildness”.

Physical appearance

The Ainu dog is a medium-sized dog that is popular for its strong power. They have a double coat of fur which usually keeps them warm. Their fur is in light colors like white, grey, and fawn. They are also famous for their dreadful expressions because of their little dark, brown eyebrows, a wide head, and a sharp snout that is tipped with a black nose. The ears of the Ainu Dog are very little and sharp which makes this breed appear more attentive. The tongue of this dog is frequently covered with black spots which suggest the relation with chow chow (which is another breed of dog which found in neighboring china).


The Ainu Dog is a naturally savage and strong dog, which makes this breed a brilliant guard dog. They are likewise suspicious and alert and amazingly brave when expecting to secure their proprietor. The Ainu Dog is notable for its loyalty, boldness, and the capacity to withstand the cold, among its other alluring qualities. It has an inborn ability to read a compass and can accordingly come back to its lord regardless of how extraordinary the separation it has voyage alone. The Ainu Dog is likewise known to cry, making a comparative sound to that of a Wolf, when it trusts it has done great by its attendant. They are fantastically dynamic Dogs and are known to not be appropriate for loft living or in families that contain different creatures or small kids.


The Ainu dog was initially bred by the native forager (hunter-gatherers) to both help them to grab food. Later, the breed has transformed a bit from the original dog, because of cross-breeding with close to domestic breeds all-around the Far East. In spite of its long history as an active breed. Now, the Ainu dog performs their both roles as pets and hunters. Nowadays, these breeds are mostly kept as guard dogs because of their attentiveness and amazingly bold nature. The female Ainu dog gives birth around 7 puppies per litter, like many other pups, are born both blind and rarely with any fur. Under in one month nevertheless, the puppies will be upon their feet and start to grow rapidly. They can live up to 14 years and also known for their relatively genetic health issues.

Interesting facts and features of Ainu dog (Hokkaido)

The Ainu Dog is mostly known for his heroism nature, to protect his owner they can appear bears, generally their size. Today, they are also found in the homes of Europe and America, but they are mostly found in Japan, where it is considered an admired national breed by the people of Japan.

In 1937, the Ainu dog was officially named as Hokkaido- Ken, in spite of its rich history with the people of Ainu.

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written by- Riya Sain

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